Reasoning Blood Relation Questions And Answer

Blood Relation Questions And Answer

Blood Relation Questions And Answer:  Reasoning is a very important subject for all examinations. You need special effort to understand the blood related test questions of reasoning. That is why you need to read and understand the questions carefully.  Reasoning questions provided here will help you to get success in SSC, Banking, Railway Examination, Defense Examination or other government exams. Reasoning Blood Relation Questions And Answer

Because these types of questions are often asked in examinations. Reasoning questions related to all types of examinations are available here. You can prepare for the examinations through this website to earn marks in better examinations.

Blood Relation Questions For Govt Exam

1. The daughter-in-law of Ramu is the daughter-in-law of the leader, Rajesh. Vipin is the son of Rajesh and Ramu’s only brother. What is the relationship between Neha and Vipin?
(A). cousin

(B). sister law

(C). sister-in-law

(D). wife

Ans. wife

2 . If D means sum, E means multiply, F means subtract and G means division.
(A). 18

(B). 14

(C). 10

(D). 8

Ans. 10

3. A is son of P, D is daughter of A, E is aunt of D and C is son of E, so what will C be of A?
(A). brother

(B). Nephew

(C). Maternal uncle

(D). uncle

Ans. Nephew

4. A and B are brothers. C and D are flowing. A’s son is D’s brother. So what is the relation between B and C?
(A). uncle

(B). cousin brother

(C). Father

(D). Maternal uncle

Ans. uncle

5. If B is brother of A. C is mother of A. D is the father of C. E is the father of D. So how is B related to D?
(A). grandfather

(B). Grandson

(C). Granddaughter

(D). Daughter

Ans. Granddaughter

6. Rajesh tells the woman sitting next to him that she is the daughter of the mother of my wife’s husband. So how is the woman related to Rajesh?
(A). Daughter

(B). Sister-In-Law

(C). sister

(D). father’s sister

Ans. sister

7. C is the mother of B. A is B’s sister and D is the father of C’s mother. E, D then how is A related to D?
(A). grandmother

(B). Maternal Grandmother

(C). Daughter

(D). Granddaughter

Ans. Daughter

Reasoning Blood Relation Questions And Answer

8. If ‘+’ means ‘multiply’, ‘-‘ means ‘add’, ‘x’ means ‘division’ and ‘÷’ means ‘subtract’, then 15×3 + 4 ÷ 2-3 = The
(A). 20

(B). 21

(C). 13

(D). 7

Ans. 21

9. A is mother of B, C is son of A, D is brother of E, E is daughter of B. B is brother of F, then D is grandmother:

(A) A

(B) B

(C) C

(D) E

Ans. A

10. E is the sister of B, A is the father of C, B is the son of C, then what is the relation of A to E?

(A) Dada

(B) Granddaughter

(C) Father

(D) Padda

Ans. A

11. Pointing to a picture, Mihir says, his sister is the mother of my brother’s son Tushar, so how is Mihir related to Tushar?

(A) Brother

(B) uncle

(C) Nephew

(D) Fuckin

Ans. B

12. Pointing to the picture of a girl, Ravi said, “Her mother’s brother is the only son of my mother’s father, what is the relationship between the girl’s mother with Ravi?”

(A) Mother

(B) Aunt

(C) Mother / Aunt

(D) None of these

Ans. C

13. P is brother of Q. R is the mother of Q. S is the father of R. T is the mother of S. What is the relation of P with T?

(A) Granddaughter

(B) great-grandson

(C) Grandson

(D) Grandmother

Ans. B

14. B and C’s brother is A. Mother of ‘C’ is D. If A’s father is E, which of the following will definitely not be correct?

(A) E’s son is B

(B) B’s father is E

(C) D’s husband is E

(D) D’s son is A

Ans. A

15. Juhi pointed to Sanjay and said, “This is the husband of the only sister of my father’s wife’s son.” How is Juhi related to Sanjay?

(A) Wife

(B) sister

(C) aunt

(D) Sister-in-law

Ans. A

16. Pointing to a person, Rohit said to Neha, “Her mother is the only daughter of your father”, so what is Neha’s relation to that person?

(A) Son

(B) Mother

(C) daughter

(D) Wife

Ans. B

Blood Relation Questions And Answer

Reasoning means rationality. The power that is the estimated power of thinking. If seen from the point of view of the exam, the questions that come in the exam that are solved only by your mind are the questions of reasoning.

There is a lot of questioning of reasoning in competitive examinations and many students candidates do not know about reasoning. In this article, you will know how we can prepare well for reasoning.

If you have given an exam for any of your government jobs, then you will be well aware that reasoning is a bit difficult. Because in it we have to use logic power. By simplifying reasoning, you can solve the questions in competitive examinations as soon as possible.

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