Patanjali launches Corona Medicine

Patanjali launches Corona Medicine ‘Coronil and Swasari’, claims patients recover in seven days

Coronil and Swasari For COVID-19 Treatment: Patanjali claims that 100 percent results have been shown during clinical trials. Pantjali claims that 100 percent corona patients have been cured in seven days.

Patanjali Corona Medicine

Haridwar: Patanjali Launch Coronil and Swasari: In the midst of Corona crisis, Patanjali launched the Corona Ayurvedic Kit on Tuesday. Patanjali says that 100 percent results of the drug have been shown during clinical trials. Patanjali claims that 100 percent corona patients have been cured in seven days. The drug names are coronil and inhaler (Coronil and Swasari). This claim has been made on behalf of the company at a time when the whole world is struggling with the corona crisis and many countries are engaged in developing medicines for the virus.


Patanjali Corona Medicine
Patanjali Corona Medicine

The founder of Patanjali, Yog guru Ramdev, said that the name of the Patanjali Corona Medicine is ‘coronil and breathing’. It has been developed by conducting trials and research on 280 patients across the country. There is no scientific evidence of any alternative treatment for COVID-19, even vaccines are being tested by many countries.

Ramdev was quoted by the news agency ANI as saying, “The whole country and the world is waiting for Corona medicine or vaccine. We are happy to announce the first Ayurvedic medicine. The combined efforts of Patanjali Research Center and Nims University make this Ayurvedic Medicine has been prepared. ”

Ramdev claimed, “we are introduced to drugs Coronil and Swasari Corona today. We have two trials of these drugs. The first clinical control studies, which have been in Delhi, Ahmedabad and other cities. There we 280 patients were included and 100 percent patients were recovered. We were able to control the corona and its herds. With this all the necessary clinical control trials were done. ” He said that Nims University of Jaipur is his partner in this project.


Ramdev said, “Clinical control study was done on 95 patients with the help of National Institute of Medical Science (NIMS) Jaipur. The biggest thing that came out in this is that 69 percent patients recovered in three days and positive from negative Have been done and 100 percent patients are negative in seven days. ”

Yog guru claimed that all the necessary permission was taken from the concerned authorities or authorities to conduct drug trials on the patients.

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